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$60 ACMO Property Management

Date listed: March 9, 2018

ISBN: Not available

Edition: Not available

Author(s): Not available

Course code: Not available

Condition: Great

School: George Brown College St. James

- The Condominium Act A user's Manual 4th edition Ontario 2013 - Audrey Loeb -$60 - Financial Management for Condominium Property Managers Rev March 2011 - Lucy Dias -$90 - Condominium Admin and Human Relations: Student's Manual Revised Edition - Marilyn McBain $90 - Physical Building Management: A Student's Handbook $90 - Condominium Law Volume 1: Condominium Act, 1998 -$60 - Condominium Law Volume 2: Beyond the Condominium Act -$60 All brand new with no markings, didn't end up taking course. Listed price is PER book but you'd like to take all, we can work something out.



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ACMO Property Management

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